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Deep Freeze Spray 150ml

Deep Freeze Spray represents a modern version of the traditional ice pack used to relieve strains and swellings rapidly with the added benefit of the analgesic property of menthol.

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Happy Event Antenatal Lotion 200ml

The Happy Event Antenatal Massage Lotion Range consists of unique formulations that help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. They can also be used during rapid weight gain or loss.

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Deep Heat Flexi Heat Patches 5 Pack

Deep Heat Flexi Heat Patches offer long lasting, deep penetrating heat therapy which is easy to use. Deep Heat Flexi Heat Patches help to relieve muscular aches, pains & tension.

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Ultimate Face Care Solution

OXY Regular Face Wash 375ml

Oxy Face Wash is specially formulated to deep cleanse pores by removing dirt and oil. As part of a daily skin care routine, Oxy Face Wash unblocks pores helping to keep skin looking clean, clear and healthy. It keeps skin clean and clear of pimples. Oxy Face Wash moisturises skin leaving it feeling softer, smoother and looking clearer.

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OXY Charcoal 3-in-1 contains charcoal which binds with the and visibly removes dirt from pores leaving skin clearer and purified.  Gentle exfoliation leaves skin smoother.  Contains Salicyclic Acid.

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OXY Scar Care

Without proper care, skin can be left damaged with dark spots and mild scarring. Skin will look tired, rough and aged. Oxy Scar Care is an innovative formulation combining a Vitamin Complex and Turmeric to assist in fading out post acne and pimple scars whilst keeping your skin clear of spots and blackheads.

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